About Natural Flake Graphite

    Natural flake graphite is a natural occurring form of graphite also called as Natural crystalline graphite, it is one of the most versatile non-metallic minerals in the world, the molecular formula of its substance belongs to hexagonal system and structured in layer form and with following properties
  • An excellent conductor of heat and electricity
  • Soft and flexible but with high natural strength
  • Chemically inert with high resistance to corrosion
  • High natural lubricity
  • Good performance in maintaining its strength and stability.

    Principal Two Factors of Flake Graphite

  • Fixed Carbon Content (purity)
  • Flake size
    Flake Graphite Classifying and Pricing are subject to these two factors, when F.C content is higher and flake size is larger, the pricing of flake graphite will be higher accordingly, vice versa.

    Classifying of Flake Graphite

  • High Purity Graphite       C% ≥ 9%
  • High Carbon Graphite     94% ≤C% < 99%
  • Medium Carbon Graphite  80% ≤ C% < 94%
  • Low Carbon Graphite      50% ≤ C% < 80%

    Flow Chart of Flake Graphite Processing


    How we guarantee the quality of Flake Graphite

  • Wehave rigorous quality control on each processing program of multi-grinding, multi oil-floating, purifying and drying.
  • Most advanced testing instruments and start of art processing facilities.
  • Over 30 years graphite processing experience and more than 20 experienced QC staff.
  • Passed ISO 14001 system.

    Refractory, Metallurgy, Casting, Lubricant, Pencil Lead,
    Specifications of Flake Graphite.