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Natural Flake Graphite -194


Product Name Natural Flake Graphite
Manufactured by Qingdao Unimate Graphite Co., Ltd.
Specification -194

Certificate of Analysis


Certificate No.s Date of Testing Order Q’ty
Batch No.s Q’ty of Testing Record



Items Unit Acceptance Requirements Typical Note
 Chemical Composition
Fixed Carbon % 94.38 100-(Ash+Volatile matter)
Ash  % 4.58 Fired until constant-weight at 950 to 970℃
Volatile matter  % 1.04 900℃±20℃×7min maintaince
Partical Size Analysis
-100 Mesh  % 85.0
Other Properties
PH  %
Moisture  % 0.23
Tap Density g/cm3


Tested by: (Lab Technician) Checked by: (Lab Manager)
Zhang Shuyan Yu Shenghui
Approved by: (QC Manager) Conclusions:
Liu Yongling Qualified