Spherical Graphite SG15
Spherical Graphite SG17(A)
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Spherical Graphite SG16



Product Name Natural Flake Graphite
Manufactured by Qingdao Unimate Graphite Co., Ltd.
Specification SG16

Certificate of Analysis


Certificate No.s Date of Testing Order Q’ty
Batch No.s Q’ty of Testing Record




Items Unit Acceptance Requirements Typical Note
 Chemical Composition
Fixed Carbon % 99.973 100 – Ash
Ash  % 0.027 Fired until constant-weight at 950 to 970℃
Partical Size Analysis
D10 μm 10.584
D50  μm 16.615
D90  μm 26.123
Dmax  μm
Other Properties
PH  –
Moisture  % 0.05
Tap Density g/cm3 0.956
SSA m2/g 6.03
Fe ppm 27


Tested by: (Lab Technician) Checked by: (Lab Manager)
Zhang Shuyan Yu Shenghui
Approved by: (QC Manager) Conclusions:
Liu Yongling Qualified