About Spherical Graphite

  Spherical Graphite is the alternative product of anode materials for lithium-ion battery production, it has the advantages of
  • An excellent conductor of electricity
  • High degree of crystallinity
  • Low cost material
  • High capacity of built-inlithium
  • Lower and flatter potential

  Spherical graphite is high value-added and deep-processing graphite product, it has the features of
  • Concentrated particles distribution.
  • High tap density
  • Smaller specific surface area
  • Stable quality performance
In today’s world, the rapid growth of the green technology economy which includes electric vehicles, smart phones etc, it makes a great demands and broad prospects for the application of spherical graphite.

Concept of Spherical Graphite

Spherical graphite is produced from premium quality high-carbon natural flake graphite, its graphite particles’ surface is physically and chemically modified into elliptical shape by using advanced processing technology.


Classifying and Requirements

Standard: Spheroidized Natural Graphite ( JC/T 2315-2016 )  
  Its standard is applicable to spherical or spheroidal graphite products made from natural flake graphite which processed by mechanical and physical methods. It indicates the physical and chemical properties of spherical natural graphite should meet the following requirements:

General Classifying of Spherical Natural Graphite


General Specification of Spherical Natural Graphite


The Physical and Chemical Parameters of Spherical Natural Graphite


Raw Material Requirements of Spherical Graphite

Raw material: premium quality high carbon natural flake graphite  
High Carbon Graphite:  94% ≤ Fixed Carbon Content ≤ 99.9%  

Cost and Specification Analysis

  • Fixed Carbon Content Required 95%~96%
The graphite cost is higher while the fixed carbon content is higher, but if the fixed carbon content is lower, and the number of times of graphite purification process will be more, so the total cost will be increasing also.
It has been proved in practice, the raw graphite of fixed carbon content between 95%~96% is the most economical material for making spherical graphite.
  • Particle Sizes Required -100 mesh
The particle sizes of the graphite should be appropriate, the graphite cost is higher if using large flakes graphite, but if using too fine graphite and that will decrease the production output ratio of Spherical Graphite, which means the cost is also higher for finer graphite.
It has been proved in practice, -100 mesh graphite is the most appropriate particle sizes for making spherical graphite.

Processing Technology of Spherical Graphite

    Brief Description of Processing  
  • Grind natural flake graphite powder into appropriate particle size.
  • Remove graphite particle edges and process it into spherical or ellipsoid
  • Separate spherical graphite and graphite particle edges (micro-fine graphite)
  • Get spherical graphite in normal distribution.

Flow Chart of Spherical Graphite Processing



Necessaries of Spherical Graphite’s Purification For Li-ion Battery Cathode
  The Interlayer binding energy for Natural Graphite is approx 16.7 kj/mol, it’s graphite layer is easily to be peeled off in charging and discharging cycles as battery material, which will lead poor cycling performance of the battery, in addition, natural graphite battery is lower in specific capacity and weaker in consistency to compare with electrolyte battery, therefore, natural graphite must be after processing of chemical modification and purification, then can be used as battery Li-ion cathode material.  


How We How we guarantee the quality of Spherical Flake Graphite

  • Wehave rigorous quality control on each processing program of multi-grinding, acidizing, purifying and drying.
  • Most advanced testing instruments and start of art processing facilities.
  • Over 30 years graphite processing experience and more than 20 experienced QC staff.
  • Passed ISO 14001 system.